About me


  • Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to a Master) – University of Bielefeld & Bonn/Germany and Georgia State University/Atlanta, USA
  • Permission to work in the field of Psychotherapy by the local health authority of Essen

Further Education

  • Body Centered Gestalt Therapy, Analytisches Gestaltinstitut (AGI), Bonn
  • Therapy with Couples, Martin Koschorke und Sabine Hufendiek, Ev. Zentralinstitut für Familienberatung (ezi), Berlin
  • Sexual Therapy, Dr. Ruth Gnirrs-Bormet, according to the guidelines of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (DGfS)
  • Crucible® Therapy, Dr. David Schnarch
  • Sexocorporel ZISS – 3. Level
  • Online-Counselling – Institut für Onlineberatung Birgit Knatz & Bernard Dodier

Work Experience

  • Helpline for Raped Women
  • Mother-Child-Clinic for Rehabilitation
  • Outreach Clinic for counselling in the field of abortion conflict, pregnancy and sex education for children, teenagers & adults
  • Crisis Helpline
  • since 2007 part time in my own psychology practice for couples counselling and sex therapy
  • and since 2019 full time
Claudia Kader-Tjijenda