Couples Counselling & Sex Therapy in Essen and in Cologne

Since I received my diploma in Psychology in 1995, I have continously worked in counselling and psychotherapeutic settings. In addition, I have continued learning different psychotherapeutic approaches, I have intervision with colleagues and my work is supervised by qualified supervisors on a regular basis. In a nutshell: I have a wide range of knowledge and experience and this does reflect in my work and will be a benefit to you in our sessions.

My services:

Couples Therapy

Many couples think “We will solve our problems ourselves” or “It isn´t that bad yet!”. While believing that, valuable time goes by. And so couples often open their first session with the sentence: “This therapy now is our last hope.”

Sex Therapy

The topic of sex is a very special one – and this counts for all ages. Feeling ashamed and embarassed and following wrong beliefs stand at odds with the perfect sexual world mass which mass as well as social media are spreading. In addition, the lack of the right words communicating to each other about sexual issues contributes to more confusion.

Issues related to women

Being engaged in counselling and psychotherapeutic settings for more than 25 years and having worked in services targetting women have shown me there are issues central to being a woman and they are worth looking at.

Online Counselling

For those who are unable to come to my office I offer my services online.

About me

After all these years working as a therapist it is still a great joy to be allowed as a witness to see people grow. Every time this happens it is still a miracle, a wonder. The path is often a rocky one, paired with pain and doubt. Joy and pride also show up along the journey.

I see myself as somebody who is invited to travel with you for a shorter or longer distance knowing our road will part again. I am not always a comfortable companion nor do I know your road. I will strive to ask the right questions, to make you look to the direction which might be helpful – but it is always you who has to make the move…

Claudia Kader-Tjijenda, Diplom Psychologin & Analytische Gestalttherapeutin
Claudia Kader-Tjijenda

It´s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It´s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.