Appointments & Fees

If you are interested in booking an appointment, or have any questions, the quickest and most convenient way to contact me is via email. If you communicate your availability with me, it will be easier to coordinate a call going more in depth.

Initial Session

In psychotherapy it is compulsory to examine common grounds during the initial session. This first meeting takes 50 minutes and is liable to pay costs.

Following Sessions

An individual session may take 50 minutes, while a couples session goes on for 80 minutes. Intervals between sessions, as well as the duration of the treatment may vary from case to case. In the beginning of the collaboration you will be able to choose the frequency of our meetings, as everybody has their individual needs. This can be done by meeting weekly or monthly and anything in between. This is subject to change, as we get further in treatment.


Essen – Mon & Tue
Online – Wed & every day
Cologne – Thurs & Fri


The German healthcare system does not cover costs of couples psychotherapy nor sexual therapy. Therefore you will be billed on your own behalf. It will allow you to start as soon as you would like, as treatment is not officially registered at any list.